The term “Opera” in this instance is the plural of an “opus”, meaning a work, a product of my creativity. The term does not refer to the normal entertainment category “an opera”, although it could do, if I had written one. But I haven’t. I should have included publications in this tab if I was being precise, but they have their own place in this website. Here I am including those works that involve some kind of performance on my part (e.g. presentations), or audio-visual and other sensorial creativity (sculpture, videos, multimodal enterprise).  Most of the presentations are not recorded in the live act of presenting, though some are. Some I have “re-enacted” the live event by recording the presentation with my voice-over, to give it a bit of personal spice. Some of the opera here are not from my academic professional life, but nevertheless reflect my creativity, which, in my opinion, is what “Opera” is/are all about.