Ruth Tringham, archaeologist and multimedia creator

My Manifesto: What I Do

Archiving legacy archaeological projects

Creating recombinant histories digital storytelling in multiple formats; imagination enhances and grows out of empirical stuff (database narratives) and  microhistories

Creating multisensorial life-histories of people, places, and things of the past intersecting with the present

Remediating places with re-photography, augmented reality,performance

New Works

In June 2023 two new  publications

“Acknowledging Inspirations in a Lifetime of Shifting and Pivoting Standpoints to Construct the Past” published in Annual Reviews of Anthropology. A Perspective article about my life in archaeology and beyond. more…

Published with Annie Danis, “Forgotten Products of Labor: a Ritual of Many Lives.” In H. Barnard (Ed.), Archaeology Outside the Box. Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press, UCLA about the afterlife of building materials. more…

Recent Happenings

May-June 2023

Ruth sang Bach B-minor Mass with SF Bach Choir.

Then visited Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel, Germany at the invitation of Professor Martin Furholt and colleagues Fynn Wilkes, Kata Szilagyi, and Robert Hofmann, who are researching Vinca culture sites in northern Serbia, including Opovo-Ugar Bajbuk. more….