Ruth Tringham, archaeologist and multimedia creator

My Manifesto: What I Do

Archiving legacy archaeological projects

Creating recombinant histories digital storytelling in multiple formats; imagination enhances and grows out of empirical stuff (database narratives) and  microhistories

Creating multisensorial life-histories of people, places, and things of the past intersecting with the present

Remediating places with re-photography, augmented reality,performance

Recent Happenings

“Do Baskets Speak? Creating Afterlives of an Archaeological Project at Neolithic Çatalhöyük”, presented through Zoom on 28 April, 2021, at the Bard Graduate Center (NY) Archaeological Encounters series, with Brian Boyd (Columbia University)”Remains, Not “Ruins”: Archival Afterlives in Palestine”. Each presenter gave a short paper followed by a moderated conversation and Q&A session.


Ruth Tringham awarded Royal Anthropological Institute (London, UK) 2021 President’s Lifetime Achievement Award