A Plea for a Richer, Fuller and More Complex Future Archaeology (2018)

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In this paper there are some thoughts addressing issues of the future of archaeology that are especially dear to my heart, including questions of who sets research agendas, dissemination of archaeological knowledge, multiscalar interpretation of archaeological data, celebrating the ambiguity of the archaeological record, and putting the dialogic nature of archaeological research into practice as the dominant form of its dissemination. These would push archaeology towards a discipline whose boundaries are fluidly defined, flowing into other disciplines easily, driven by sensorially rich and complex lateral thinking and playful exploratory imagination. A discipline that defies categorization as either ‘humanist’ or ‘scientific’ but is nevertheless grounded in empirical data.


Tringham, Ruth (2018) A Plea for a Richer, Fuller and More Complex Future Archaeology. Norwegian Archaeological Review 51 (1-2):57-63. DOI: 10.1080/00293652.2018.1547920