Ruth Tringham Publications since 2000


Selected Books and Monographs

  1. in preparation (with B. Brukner et al.) “Opovo: the Construction of a Prehistoric Place in  Europe “ Monograph and CD-ROM to be published by Archaeological Research Facility, UC Berkeley.

  2. 2012  (edited with Mirjana Stevanovic and members of the BACH team) “Last House on the Hill: BACH Area Reports from Çatalhöyük, Turkey (Çatalhöyük vol.11)”. Monumenta Archaeologica 27. Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Publications, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.

Articles in Refereed Journals and Edited Books

  1. 2015  “Dido and the Basket: fragments towards a non-linear history.” In Object Stories: artifacts and archaeologists, edited by A. Clarke, U. Frederick and S. Brown, pp. 161-168. Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, CA.

  2. 2013 (with Michael Shanks and Christopher Witmore) “Ruth Tringham.” In Archaeology in the Making: Conversations through a discipline, edited by W. Rathje, M. Shanks and C. Witmore, pp. 308-334. Routledge, London and New York.

  3. 2013 “A Sense Of Touch - The Full-Body Experience - In The Past And Present Of Çatalhöyük, Turkey.” In Making Senses of the Past: Toward a Sensory Archaeology edited by J. Day, pp. 177-195. Center for Archaeological Investigation, SIU, Carbondale, Ill. download preprint pdf

  4. 2013 (with Michael Shanks and Christopher Witmore) “Ruth Tringham”. In Archaeology in the Making: Conversations through a discipline, edited by W. Rathje, M. Shanks and C. Witmore, pp. 308-334. Routledge, London and New York.

  5. 2013 “Destruction of Places by Fire: Domicide or Domithanasia” In Destruction: Archaeological, Philological, and Historical Perspectives, edited by J. Driessen, pp. 89-108. Presses Universitaires de Louvain, Louvain, Belgium. download preprint pdf

  6. 2012 "Households through a Digital Lens". In New Perspectives on Household Archaeology edited by B. Parker  and C. Foster: 81-120. Eisenbrauns Publishing, Winona Lake, IL. download pdf

  7. 2011 (with M. Ashley and C. Perlingieri) “Last House on the Hill: Digitally Remediating Data and Media for Preservation and Access”  ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage 4(4):Article 13. download preprint

  8. 2010 “Forgetting and Remembering the Digital Experience and Digital Data”. In Archaeology and Memory, edited by D. Boric. Oxbow Books, Oxford, UK. Publication expected November 2009 more... download pdf 

  9. 2009  "Making the Most of the Medium of Film to Create Alternative Narratives about the Past and its Investigation". Paper presented at the Kineon Festival and Conference of Archaeological Film 2009, Brussels, Belgium download preprint version

  10. 2007 (with Michael Ashley and Steve Mills) “Senses of Places: Remediations from text to digital performance”, prepared for Visual Anthropology Review. April 2008. abandoned special online issue. html and download pdf

  11. 2008  ( Ruth Tringham interviewed by Brit Solli and Marie Louise Stig Sorensen) “Parallel Lives - An Interview with Ruth Tringham”   An attempt to find parallels between my life and that of the journal NAR. Published in Norwegian Archaeological Review 41:1, 43-52  download preprint version

  12. 2007    (with Rosemary Joyce) “Feminist Adventures in Hypertext. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 14(special issue: Practising Archaeology as a Feminist, edited by Alison Wylie and Meg Conkey), pp. 328-358. download pdf

  13. 2005    "Weaving house life and death into places: a blueprint for a hypermedia narrative," in (un)settling the Neolithic. Edited by D. Bailey, A. Whittle, and V. Cummings, pp. 98-111. Oxford, UK: Oxbow Books. download pdf

  14. 2004    "Interweaving Digital Narratives with Dynamic Archaeological Databases for the Public Presentation of Cultural Heritage," in Enter the Past: The E-way into the four dimensions of Cultural heritage -  CAA2003., Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology. Edited by W. Börner and W. Stadtarcheologie, pp. 196-200 (full version on accompanying CDROM). Oxford, UK: Archeopress. BAR International Series 1227. download pdf

  15. 2003    "Flaked Stone," in Prehistoric Sitagroi excavations in Northeast Greece 1968-1970. Volume 2: the Final Report, vol. 2, Monumenta Archaeologica 20. Edited by E. Elster and A. C. Renfrew, pp. 81-126. Los Angeles: Institute of Archaeology Press, UCLA.

  16. 2003    (with  M. Ashley-Lopez, and M. Séferiades). “Çatalhöyük”. Dossiers d'Archéologie 281:54-60.

  17. 2002    (w/ I.Hodder) “Çatalhöyük: Interviewing the Experts, Digging Deeper.” Dig 4(2):16-21

  18. 2001    “Household Archaeology”. In International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, edited by N. Smelser, J, P. Baltes and B, pp. 6925-6928. Pergamon Press, Oxford. download pdf

  19. 2001     Tringham, R. and M. Ashley Lopez The Democratization of Technology. In Virtual Systems and Multimedia (VSMM 2001) 7th International Conference, Berkeley, California.. download pdf

  20. 2000     “Re-Digging the Site at the end of the twentieth century: large scale archaeological fieldwork in a new millennium”. In Theory and Practice in mediterranean Archaeology, edited by J. Papadopoulos and R. Leventhal, pp. 89-108. Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, UCLA, Los Angele, CA. download pdf (9MB)

  21. 2000    (w/ M. Stevanovic) “Different Excavation Styles create Different Windows into Çatalhöyük”. In Towards reflexive method in archaeology: the example at Çatalhöyük by members of the  Çatalhöyük teams, edited by I. Hodder, pp. 111-118. McDonald Institute,Cambridge, UK. download pdf

  22. 2000    (w/ A. Wolle) “Multiple Çatalhöyüks on the World Wide Web”. In Towards reflexive method in archaeology: the example at Çatalhöyük by members of the  Çatalhöyük teams, edited by I. Hodder, pp. 207-218. McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge. download pdf

  23. 2000    “The Continuous House: A View from the Deep Past”. Beyond Kinship: Social and Material Reproduction in House Societies.  S. Gillespie and R. Joyce. Philadelphia: U.Pennsylvania Press. download pdf

  24. 2000    “Southeastern Europe in the Transition to Agriculture in Europe: Bridge, Buffer or Mosaic”. The Transition to Agriculture in Prehistoric Europe. D. Price. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press: 19-56. download pdf

Electronic Materials

  1. 2008 (with Noah Wittman, Lizzy Ha, Meg Conkey) Digital Resource Pool

  2. 6. 2008 (with Noah Wittman, Lizzy Ha and Meg Conkey) Open Archaeology Collection

  3. 2004 “Cultivating  Thinking, Challenging Authority” a 20 minute film  view the movie here

  4. Under construction  (w/ Michael Ashley, Cinzia Perlingieri, and members of the BACH team) Last House on the Hill: a digital remediation of House Lives

  5. In prep: CD-Rom: Chimera Web: the construction of engendered prehistories . Hypermedia interpretation of the Neolithic settlement at Opovo, Yugoslavia

  6. On-line Archaeological Film Database. Established on-line in January 2006, elaborated in spring 2008, under continuous modification

  7. 2007 (with Noah Witmman and OKAPI team) Remixing Catalhöyük

  8. Okapi Island in Second Life: a mirror of Çatalhöyük. ( established March 2007, continuous ongoing modification

  9. Websites

  10. 2002 (w/Michael Ashley and Jason Quinlan) “Real Audiences and Virtual Excavations (RAVE) at Çatalhöyük”      

  11. Open Knowledge and the Public Interest (OKAPI) 

  12. Remediated Places Project

  13. Media Literacy in Archaeology Courses

Reports and Reviews

  1. 2008     (w/ A. Praetzellis)   Interpreting El Presidio de San Francisco. Submitted to Eric Blind, Senior Archaeologist, The Presidio Trust, SF. download pdf

  2. 2008    Review of ‘The Art of Narritjin Maymuru’. Visual Anthropology 21(1):88-90. download

  3. 2007    Remediated Places 2004-2007. In Çatalhöyük Archive Reports, edited by I. Hodder, pp. 348-356. download

  4. 2005     (w/ M.Stevanovic ) Bach Archive Report: Study Season. Çatalhöyük Archive Report   link

  5. 2004     Excavations of the 4040 Area: Spaces 232 and 240. Çatalhöyük Archive Report, link

  6. 2004     (w/ M.Stevanovic)    BACH Archive Report: Study Season. Çatalhöyük Archive Report, link

  7. 2003     (w/ M.Stevanovic)    The Excavation of the BACH Area 2003. Çatalhöyük Archive Reports  link

  8. 2002    (w/ M.Stevanovic)     The Excavation of the BACH Area 2002. Çatalhöyük Archive Reports  link

  9. 2001    (w/ M.Stevanovic)    The Excavation of the BACH Area 2001. Çatalhöyük Archive Reports  link

  10. 2000    (w/ M.Stevanovic)    The Excavation of the BACH Area 2000. Çatalhöyük Archive Reports link