Interviews with Ruth Tringham


March 2006 Interview with  the assessment team for Scholars Box project (precursor of Remixing Çatalhöyük project) funded by the Federal Education (FIPSE) program.  (Audio 1hr 20 min, 55MB)

October 2007 “Personal Histories 2007”, movie of the panel held at Cambridge University, with four women who reminisce about their intellectual life in archaeology in the 1980s, at the cusp of post-processual archaeology, and its feminist critique: Meg Conkey, Henrietta Moore, Ruth Tringham, and Alison Wylie. Link to download page for 3-part video

October 2007 Interview with Ruth Tringham by Douglass Bailey at Stanford University, published in  the Rumania journal Studie de Preistorie, 4:7-16. Link to an excerpt here

March 2004 Interview with Patricia Maughan,  project manager of the UCB Mellon Library/Faculty Fellowship project (I was one in 2003) about digital education ( download 2-part video, each 75 MB) 

May 2009 “Second Life as an Archaeological Tool”, a conversation with Ruth Tringham by the US National Parks Service National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT). Link and download

1973 Debate on Canadian TV: Ruth Tringham versus  Eric von Däniken on the validity of the Chariot of the Gods ( download mp3 audio transcript of video debate, 72 MB) 

October 2007 “Parallel Lives - An Interview with Ruth Tringham” Ruth Tringham interviewed by archaeologists Brit Solli and Marie Louise Stig Sorensen.  An attempt to find parallels between my life and that of the journal NAR. Published in Norwegian Archaeological Review 41:1, 43-52

download preprint version

2013  (with Michael Shanks and Christopher Witmore) “Ruth Tringham”. In Archaeology in the Making: Conversations through a discipline, edited by W. Rathje, M. Shanks and C. Witmore, pp. 308-334. Routledge, London and New York.

July 2009 Interview with U.C. Berkeley Engaged Scholarship Initiative (BESI). Link to video